Brand Story

Brand Origin

The GW brand is the combination of Green & White concept, which stands for Green and Pure whiteness. The essence of the GW brand relies on creating comfort and purity in daily living. To deliver eco-friendly products which satisfy consumer needs and consolidate trust with reliability.




To be part of the wave of the environmental protection spirit, Drytech had practiced wastage reduction policy, recycle policy, energy conservation for numerous years.

Drytech products do not harvest wastage water, poison gas and Pollution. The production procedure follows to acquire with environmental regulations, all products are reusable, non-consumable and truly eco-friendly.

R&D Teams

Drytech’s product development team spends hard effort to integrate systematic technology in hardware design, component design, software design and certification. The investment such as the 3D-printing technology allows Drytech to match the very high product demands and production innovation from our clients.

GW product had passed the certification standards such as UL, CE, TUV, GS and PSE. The achievement from the R&D team brought to us multiple world wide patents, innovation and corporate competitiveness. The knowledge and understanding with Water Glass® products are irreplaceable.

Brand Policy

In year 2012 the GW mini dehumidifier had overwhelmed the Taiwanese local TV shopping channel, and renewing sales record for the channel. Most of the mini dehumidifier brands from Europe, USA and Japan are originated from Drytech. Drytech is happy to share our experience and knowledge to all interested partners who are willing to distribute Drytech products.


Quality Policy

The product quality control maintain as top principles for the Drytech management. The materials are kept at its best from entering, stock taking, production to final product. The high quality control systems ensure strict inspection level from our top clients in EU, USA and Japan.



Drytech widely distributes our products world wide and marketing throughout more than 20 countries promoting the GW brand. Drytech co-operates with various famous brands in the world. To match and necessary requirements from our consumer clients, we offer product guarantee and insurance for all our loyal consumers.